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DG Pixel is offering service in Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai and Pune.

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Your logo is your first impression. Make this impression lasting & top-notch. create branding logo design & visual identity for your Business.

Need a logo for your business? Look no further. DG Pixel will help you during the whole conception process and will create for you the best logo that resonates the essence of your company, so your business stands out of the crowd. DG Pixel is a graphic design company and Logo Design based in Mumbai – India, and as designers we ‘Keep It Simple & Striking!’ for Logo Designing.

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4 Simple Steps to a Unique LOGO

1. Select Your Plan

You need to first select Your Basic plan  to proceed with us. The mentioned plans vary on the basis of various factors like price, no. of concepts and more about logo and related Business.

2. Discuss your Requirement

We have a questionnaire developed specifically for logo designing requirements. After finalising the logo plan, you need to give answers for the questions mentioned in the questionnaire related concept of Business.

3. Review the concepts

Depending on your requirements, we design the first concept of the logo and send it to you to receive with a feedback from your side. Provide us with the feedback so that we can go ahead with further final concepts.

4. Finalize the concept

In the last step is to finalize one concept among the number of concepts we have developed depending upon the plan you have optional. Also, we are also available to assist you with any function.

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Why Importance of Logo design for Companies and Small Businesses?

Since logo reflect the values and principles of the corporate, it’s one amongst the most powerful selling tools in business. Studies have verified that individuals recognise and relate to images quicker than text. And a well-designed logo will reach the potential customers and communicate the value of the company. it‘s imperative to possess a carefully designed brand because

  • Logos create an image
  • Logos solidify consumer loyalty
  • Logos are powerful marketing tool
  • Logos establish ownership

As the consumers come back to trust a selected complete, it’s a lot of likely that they’re going to respond completely when they encounter the logo, that leads to a rise in sales. A well-designed emblem additionally implies a way of expertise when compared to substandard logos of competition firms, so swaying the consumers towards the company with an expert attitude. little businesses usually build the mistake of coming up with logos a light job, that causes their company to appear unprofessional unskilled and not capably capable. Since logo is that the mental shortcut to the complete, a well-thought-out logo will reach the potential consumers and communicate to them the value and appeal of the company.

Professional and Custom Design Services Provided by DG Pixel

Good branding, along side a unforgettable brand, will increase a company’s price, provides direction and motivation to employees and makes easier the business development a part of work. And DG Pixel with its outstanding experience provides a wide variety of brand coming up with services – Custom logo design, corporate brand design, E-business brand designs, second and 3D brand design, Flash brand design, Banner design and Collateral design. Creative Logo Design Agency base in Mumbai.

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